Traffic management in Prague becomes smarter and more efficient

Traffic management in Prague becomes smarter and more efficient

With a considerable financial support from the EU

The City Council of Prague approved on Monday a public contract for the acquisition of two complete sets of telematics systems. Their benefits will be felt by drivers, emergency vehicles and in general, by all participants in urban mobility, thanks to the reduced risk of accidents.

The entire endeavour is financed at 85% by the European Union.

A telematic system tracks vehicles’ location and communicates with them

Earlier this week the authorities of the Czech capital city announced that they have approved the purchase of two complete sets of telematics systems, which will ensure that drivers receive important traffic information in a timely manner and will thus spend less time waiting in traffic jams and convoys. Furthermore, the new system is expected to improve traffic management in the event of emergencies, planned closures and has the potential to also reduce accidents.

The estimated value of the purchase is of CZK 75 100 000, 85% of which was funded under the Operational Program Transport of the European Union. As part of the deal, the Technical Roads Administration of Prague will purchase portable information boards, traffic lights and sensors.

It regulates the speed of vehicles, and thus to some extent prevents traffic jams. We will also add other functions to our system. For example, the use of parking lanes for traffic, if this is what the traffic situation requires. All this will ensure not only an increase in road capacity, but also the road traffic safety and the safety of Prague residents, which is the most important thing on the road” explained Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Transport Officer.

The current traffic management system of Prague uses portable traffic signs, in places of temporary reduced transit capacity, to indicate changes in traffic, dangerous places, and supplements to the indications of existing traffic signs. This system, although functional, is static and does not reflect the changes of traffic situation during the day.

Prague is already using small scale telematic systems and is expanding them constantly, the authorities pointed out. Examples include the system for checking the height of vehicles in front of selected railway underpasses, or the supervision of bus lanes.



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