Vaccination during the Rathausplatz film festival in Vienna

Vaccination during the Rathausplatz film festival in Vienna

The City of Vienna is putting Covid vaccine jabs during its cultural calendar this summer

The City of Vienna is expanding the vaccination options to make them more accessible. A vaccination booth will be set up on Rathausplatz, in the heart of the city. This vaccination campaign will run for the entire duration of the Rathausplatz Film Festival until 4 September.

The booth will open on 3 July, the day the festival starts and inoculation will take place to the tune of Beethoven's 9th Symphony, which the Vienna Philharmonic and the Wiener Konzerthaus will be performing at 8:30 PM. The actual film screenings will start on Sunday.

A summer of culture and inoculations

No pre-registration will be required, as people will be eligible for the vaccine only with their ID card. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, requiring only one dose will be available for everyone over the age of 18, while Pfizer Biontech will be distributed to those under 18. In these cases, the second inoculation will be carried out in the Austria Center Vienna.

According to city authorities, they will be able to vaccinate around 200 people per day in this location alone. At the same time, the vaccination campaign plans other arrangements of this kind.

A similar offer is in the works for the Viennese baths as part of the cultural event calendar of the city, however, officials are hesitant to give out specifics on that initiative at this time.  

Vienna's City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker said for the broadcasting agency ORF: "In order not to give the delta mutation of the coronavirus a chance, the highest possible vaccination rate is necessary - the higher, the faster, the better."

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