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Some of the world’s first electric mobile libraries will enter into traffic in Gothenburg

The Volvo 7900 Electric buses will replace the existing mobile libraries in July 2020

  • Montag, 18. Februar 2019, 14:30 Uhr
  • Author Olya Georgieva
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Quelle: Facebook / Darkin EV - Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions

Gothenburg City Library currently has two mobile libraries operating in and around the city, visiting about 70 mobile library stops and 110 preschools. This year the city library decided to invest in more modern and environmentally friendly vehicles purchasing two new all-electric Volvo buses. They are scheduled to replace the existing mobile libraries in July 2020.

This concept allows Gothenburg City Library to have the vehicles in operation for far more hours than today’s buses. Beside this, the new electric busses will operate all around the city accessing even Gothenburg inner-city green zone. Last but not least, the new mobile libraries will be much more than the ordinary ones – they will be used also as meeting places for children and adults alike. The buses interior will be clearer with a focus on experiencing and reading.


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