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5,000 trees planted near Zadar in just one day

The Croatian Municipality provided free bus transport to the volunteers

  • November 28, 2019 19:30
  • Author Monika Dimitrova
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More than 5,000 trees have been planted near the Croatian city Zadar on the Dalmatian coast as part of the Boranka campaign to reforest areas damaged by fires, informed Croatiaweek. The Municipality of Zadar supported the actions by providing free bus transport to all  volunteers. 

Around 400 volunteers gathered in the fire-damaged area of Kožino in Zadar to help reforest the area. Even the rain didn`t stop the volunteers who had come from all over Croatia to take part in the initiative.

In 2018 Scouts Croatia, with the help of the Croatian Forestry Society and Croatian Mountain Rescue Service have launched the Boranka campaign. During this period four tree-planting action in the Zadar area were organized. 5,000 volunteers in total have been involved in the reforestation of the Dalmatian coast.

Bozidar Longin, Mayor of Zadar gladly joined the volunteers and helped them with the planting of seedlings. He thanked all those present for their good job and underlined the importance of forests for the environment and for man. 

Apart from the hundreds of Scouts Croatia members, students from primary and secondary schools in Zadar, as well as from the American International School in Zagreb, joined the eco initiative. Workers from the companies who are the main sponsors of the Boranka campaign also joined in.

Large-scale support for the Boranka campaign

The Boranka campaign will continue in Kožino also with further 250 scouts coming from Split and Zagreb, as well as around 40 members of the Civil Protection Directorate from Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka and Split.

As part of the same campaign, 10,000 trees were planted by 1000 volunteers at Kučine near Solin to help reforest areas damaged by catastrophic fires two years ago. In October, more than 1200 volunteers planted 12,000 new trees in the Split region which also was devastated by fires in 2017.

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