The biggest project is for a 1,044 megawatt solar farm, but it is far from the only one , Source: American Public Power Association / Unsplash

1.6 billion euros make Arad County Romania’s land of photovoltaics

1.6 billion euros make Arad County Romania’s land of photovoltaics

A private company plans to construct one of Europe’s biggest photovoltaic plants in the next two years – and that’s just the start for the region

Last November, regional authorities in Arad County, Romania, announced the construction of a giant on-land photovoltaic park. The park will have a capacity of around 1,044 megawatts and will cost around 800 million euros, making it one of the biggest in Europe.

Last week, authorities in the small commune of Grăniceri announced that the project would come with an additional investment of 200 million euros in their commune to construct a battery storage facility, as AGERPRESS reports.

The facility will be able to store around 500 megawatts of electricity and according to local Mayor Petru Claudiu Bătrînuţ, it will be built on 20 hectares of former agricultural land.

According to the developer, Monsson, Arad county will become one of the hotspots for green investment in Romania. They plan to invest around 1.6 billion euros into the region over the next 3 years and launch a dazzling amount of solar farms. Additionally, according to Sebastian Enache, a representative of the company, the first renewable energy is set to hit the grid by December 2024.

Solar will reshape the whole Arad region

Monsson has stated that around 1,000 people in the region will work to build the park, and after construction is completed, it would still provide 200 jobs. Additionally, the company plans to build more photovoltaic parks in the county, starting in 2024.

One will be in ​​Chişinău-Criş and another in Macea. Their construction is scheduled for completion in 2026. Together, they would provide an additional 800 megawatts and would account for an extra 600 million euros in investment.

Monsson Alma is a Romanian company, working in the field of renewable energy for 15 years. They became a major wind farm developer and currently operate around 5 gigawatts of projects in their portfolio.



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