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10 new electric buses to roll out on the streets of Luxembourg

10 new electric buses to roll out on the streets of Luxembourg

As part of the city's commitment to the reduction of carbon emissions

The city of Luxembourg presented its ten new fully electric buses on Tuesday. The 12-meter-long vehicles, produced by Volvo Bus, will be integrated into the public transport network of the Luxembourgish capital, circulating on lines 9 and 14. With this new acquisition, the municipality is contributing to the achievement of its climate objectives by limiting CO2 emissions.

Comfortable and good for the environment

The ten new buses were presented earlier this week, in the presence of mayor Madame Lydie Polfer, Mr. Patrick Goldschmidt, alderman responsible for mobility, Mr. Lex Bentner, head of the City Bus Service, and Mr. Pierre Colbach, representative of the Ministry of the Economy. During the press briefing, the city representatives stressed that the gradual replacement of all gasoline buses by electric ones between 2025-2030 is regarded as an important means for achieving climate objectives.

Specifically, the ten new buses could save up to 440,000 litres of fuel per year, which corresponds to a reduction of 1,161 tonnes of CO2 over a total distance of 1.1 million kilometres, which lines 9 and 14 cover annually.

The vehicles can accommodate up to 86 passengers and are equipped with a 264 kWh battery, which guarantees a range of about 200 kilometres without the need for a recharge. Fast charging via the OppCharge stations (available at Cents-Waassertuerm stop) or Combo2 sockets (available at the depot), as well as the air conditioning and heating system are among the main advantages of the new vehicles.

To get them going, the Grand-Ducal capital has received significant European financial support, under the Regional Development Fund, half of which is intended for the low-carbon economy. The city of Luxembourg thus obtained some 3 million euros in total for the acquisition of the 10 buses.



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