An Astra Vagoane tramway running in Bucharest, Source: Astra Vagoane

100 new trams will run soon in Bucharest

100 new trams will run soon in Bucharest

Worth 200 million euros, the trams will be ready in 2022

The mayor of Romania's capital Bucharest, Nicușor Dan, signed a deal to purchase 100 trams on May 11, 2021, with representatives from Astra Vagoane, the tram manufacturer. The new vehicles are scheduled to arrive in August of the following year and are valued at 200 million euros. 

The first trams will be ready in August 2022, and they will be delivered over a 15-month period beginning with the arrival of the prototype, with four vehicles delivered per month. The trams will be 36-metres long - a size that is most suitable for Bucharest.

Mayor Nicușor Dan shared his excitement for the new contract: “We are taking a step forward in modernising public transport: we have signed a contract with a value of approximately 200 million euros, an amount insured from European funds, for the acquisition of 100 trams.”

With a low noise level and space for a total of 220 passengers

The 100 new trams will have their floors completely lowered, a minimum of 5 double doors and will be equipped with air conditioning equipment intended to ensure both cooling and heating. It was also requested that the trams have a capacity for at least 220 total passengers, of which a minimum of 56 seats per carriage, have low noise level and card validation equipment.

According to the city administration, a hand-operated or sliding platform and two special places will be provided for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. In addition, the IT installation that will be installed inside the cars, information (audio and video) will be provided to passengers, together with a video monitoring installation and wifi.

There will also be the option of transporting bikes using a reversible grip and fixation device that does not take up space intended for passengers.



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