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12,000 trees will be planted on behalf of Planet Budapest 2021

12,000 trees will be planted on behalf of Planet Budapest 2021

The joint event of the Visegrád countries aims to encourage action on sustainable development

Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainability Expo and Summit has commenced at Hungexpo exhibition and convention centre, with programmes for the general public starting from today, 30 November, MTI reports. There is no entrance fee.

Tangible solutions for sustainable way of life

The joint event of the Visegrád Countries aims to raise awareness, especially among young people, of the adverse environmental, social and economic practices which jeopardise the future of humankind, show that these negative interventions are reversible, and encourage action towards sustainable development.

From 29 November to 5 December, professional exhibitors from Hungary, Czechia, Poland and Slovakia will promote sustainable development through their technological developments, innovative products and services. The expo will also offer spectacular, entertaining and informative activities for the general public, showcasing the interdependence of nature and human way of life, and suggesting tangible solutions for sustainable routines.

Compensating CO2 emissions with 12,000 trees

The venue for the free event can be reached by modern electric buses from several parts of the capital. Under the sign of sustainability, each exhibition booth is made of recycled materials, and the waste generated on-site will be collected by electric garbage trucks. For the duration of the event, the organizers will refrain from using plastic bottles.

Notably, the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the event will later be compensated by planting at least 12,000 trees. Tree planting will be carried out at transport hubs in such a way that the negative effects of climate change can be further reduced by filtering out dust and other pollutants in the air and sequestering carbon dioxide. In the first phase of the programme this November, nearly 700 seedlings will be planted along the M0, M3 and M7 motorways.

Selective waste collection, green-rated accommodations

During Planet Budapest 2021, selective waste collection will be fully ensured. The organizers of the event will oversee the entire path of the generated waste and continuously draw the attention of visitors to the use of selective waste collectors through a mobile app. Thanks to this, the recycling rate of the generated waste is expected to reach 80 percent.

Sustainability is also promoted by the publication of green-rated accommodations for foreign guests. The event website offers a list of accommodations where special attention is paid to minimizing water use, improving energy efficiency and reducing food waste.

Food tasting is also part of the interactive, all-day family experience programme. Visitors can taste responsibly prepared food from sustainable farms that is delicious, healthy and lighter on carbon footprint.



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