216 million euros investment in Bucharest’s thermal system

216-million-euro investment in Bucharest’s thermal system

216-million-euro investment in Bucharest’s thermal system

European Commission approved an investment from the Cohesion Fund

On Thursday, 27 May 2021, the European Commission approved an investment of 216 million euros for the modernisation of the thermal energy transmission system in Bucharest, Romania. The investment comes from the Cohesion Fund, which aims to promote sustainable development in the Member States.  

"This EU investment in modernising an essential infrastructure for the Romanian capital is a good example of a project that can simultaneously meet the objectives of improving the daily lives of citizens, as well as those of the Green Pact and climate change," commented for the new investment Cohesion and Reform Commissioner, Elisa Ferreira.

One of the largest thermal systems in the world

Bucharest's thermal energy transmission system is one of the largest in the world. It provides heat and hot water to more than 1.2 million people in the capital. Thanks to the investment, 211.94 kilometres of pipeline, which are equivalent to 105.97 kilometres of transmission system, will be replaced to address the current problem of loss of resources. This is about 28% of heat lost between the source and consumers.

In addition, a new system to detect leaks will be installed. The project will ensure a sustainable and affordable thermal energy transmission system, increasing the energy efficiency of the network for a better quality of life for the inhabitants.

At the same time, through the project the air quality around the city will also be improved, given that a substantial reduction in the gas emissions will be achieved.

Additional to the fact that citizens of Bucharest will no longer have problems with the heat in the winter, this investment also contributes to Romania's long-term target of lowering greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the requirements of the European Green Deal.



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