The 29-euro pass is coming back to Berlin!, Source: State of Berlin

29-euro ticket is coming back to Berlin

29-euro ticket is coming back to Berlin

Experimenting with public transport provision in Germany is clearly in a state of creative fervour

This week, the State of Berlin announced that it is reintroducing the 29-euro public transport pass, which made headlines in 2022 as a temporary benefit available to residents until the federal government figured out whether to offer the Deutschlandticket.

The second iteration of the Berlin pass, however, this time around will serve as an alternative to the national Deutschlandticket, which costs 49 euros. After all, not everyone needs to travel regularly across the country, and this is a way for the German capital to make life more affordable for its residents.

Ticket sales are already available for the Berlin pass, even though it will only start being

Valid from 1 July

The new ticket can be used on all regional trains, S-Bahn trains, subway lines, trams and buses within the A and B fare zones, that is up to the Berlin city limits. 

In addition to online sales, the ticket can also be purchased at BVG customer centres. The ticket is not sold at ticket machines. The ticket is issued as a cell phone ticket or alternatively as a plastic card. Like the nationwide Deutschlandticket, the ticket is personalized. Ticket holders may take children under the age of 6 or a dog along for free.

One thing that’s notable is that the 29-euro pass works more like an annual subscription, meaning that users have to sign up for 12 months, even though their accounts will be debited every month.

According to a BerlinTrend sociological study, the return of the 29-euro pass enjoys strong support from the capital’s residents. When asked whether the introduction was right or wrong, 60 percent of those surveyed answered “right”.



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