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3.8 tons of reusable items change hands at Bratislava Municipal Bazaar

3.8 tons of reusable items change hands at Bratislava Municipal Bazaar

The proceeds from the sale will be used to create a permanent reuse centre

On 26-27 June, some 650 Bratislava residents went on a shopping spree at the Municipal Bazaar on Bazová Street, observing current anti-epidemiological measures, the municipality said in a press release.

Changing hands

Almost 6 tons of functional things were brought by 178 people in June to be put up for resale during the second edition of the bazaar. Of them, approximately 3.8 tons were repurchased. People took away home for a token contribution about 4,800 reusable items, including kitchen utensils, sports equipment, porcelain and ceramic pieces, CDs and DVDs.  

The items which did not find a new owner were offered to non-profit and charitable organizations, which could pick what they want free of charge. The remaining things will be moved to another bazaar.

The collected funds worth EUR 3,384 together with the proceeds from the October 2020 bazaar are kept in a transparent account and will go towards creating a permanent reuse centre.

Eyeing a permanent reuse centre

The Slovak capital is already working on building a stable reuse centre in cooperation with Bratislava Waste Collection and Disposal, Bratislava Metropolitan Institute, Bratislava Cultural and Information Centre and other municipal organizations.  

The centre will be among the first of its kind in Slovakia and the Municipal Bazaar is in fact its pilot project. In addition to the resale of items, the municipality plans the organization of educational activities and operation of a shared workshop to repair used items.

Another bazaar in the municipal premises on Bazová Street will take place from 9 to 10 October this year. The collection of things will take place in September, and the exact locations and dates will be posted on 



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