Some refugees sleep in school gyms' filler to the brim with beds , Source: City of Suceava

42,000 Ukrainians have entered Suceava County since the start of the war

42,000 Ukrainians have entered Suceava County since the start of the war

Thanks to early preparations, authorities in Suceava can offer Ukrainians a place, 3 meals a day and a playground for kids

According to a statement by a spokesman for the border authorities in Suceava County, 42,000 Ukrainians have crossed into Romania near the town of Siret since the start of the war, reported AGERPRESS, a Romanian news agency, today. Just yesterday, 6,730 Ukrainian citizens and 1,522 vehicles have entered through the crossing. 

Suceava County is crucial for the Romanian crisis response in the conflict, as it borders Ukraine to the north and is home to one of the major border crossings between the two countries. This is why authorities have been preparing to handle an influx of refugees since 22 February

The number of refugees crossing the border is growing

Despite the early preparations authorities in Suceava County, the influx of refugees has been growing day by day. According to authorities, more than 5,000 refugees have been sheltered in temporary camps in the country.

Nevertheless, Suceava City insists on providing accommodation for as many people as possible, including hygiene facilities and three meals a day. Authorities also offer transport to bus stations, airports and train stations.

At the same time, last week, Mayor Ion Lungu decided to offer humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian town of Chernivtsi.

Siret, in its own right, has found space for refugees in the city’s stadium, sports halls and mobile tent camps in different locations.

Siret sets up a playground for Ukrainian refugee children 

According to a statement by Emil Ţehaniuc, a spokesman of Suceava County in Romania, authorities in the border town of Siret have created a playground for refugee children, reported AGERPRESS, today.

The temporary refugee camp in the town has been set up at the local "Laţcu Vodă" Technological High School while the playground is a separate classroom dedicated to the children. It is equipped with books, toys, a TV and a laptop. The facility was set up with the help of Suceava child protection services.

At the same time, the initiative has garnered volunteers from a local centre for people with disabilities, called ‘O nouă viaţă’ and kids from the ‘Laţcu Vodă’ High School.



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