e-scooters , Source: Pescara Municipality

500 e-scooters are available in Pescara

500 e-scooters are available in Pescara

Helbiz is the first micromobility operator in the Italian city

"Electric scooters are popular in Pescara," declared the Italian Municipality on its Facebook page. After being awarded an exclusive permit by the City Hall, Helbiz is the only micromobility operator providing e-scooters to the capital of the Abruzzo region. 500 of these devices are already operating in Pescara, enjoying a positive start in the first days of their usage.

Less CO2 pollution

In the first two days, the e-scooters in Pescara recorded the following usage data: 3374 trips, on average 1687 per day, 70.3 per hour, calculated throughout a 24-hour period; 7236 kilometres in total, with an average of 2.14 kilometres per journey. The longest route was 7.2 kilometres, the shortest - 300 meters. According to data released by the company, CO2 pollution was diminished by 8 kg.

The Mayor of Pescara, Carlo Masci, also tried the new e-scooters. He stated: “Our administration has placed sustainable mobility and micromobility at the forefront of our agenda since we took office, and welcoming Helbiz is an important first step in embracing this cultural shift of sustainability for our city”.

Mayor Masci is proud of Pescara's new transport means. Photo by Pescara Municipality

The municipal administration also clarified that, following the first days of adaptation to the new service, there will be a crackdown with respect to any incorrect behaviour. Scooters must comply with the rules that the highway code provides for bicycles, but with additional speed restrictions - 20 kilometres per hour, and 6 km/h in pedestrian areas.

Regarding the age for use, children under 14 cannot board and for minors wearing a helmet is mandatory. Furthermore, two people are not allowed together on one scooter.



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