A small device can have a huge impact on a person's lifestyle, Source: City of Lodz

500 seniors in Lodz are getting free smart wristbands

500 seniors in Lodz are getting free smart wristbands

The devices can monitor basic life activities and quickly notify the safety teams in an emergency

500 senior citizens of Lodz, Poland will get free life bands as part of a project, functioning in the metropolitan area. The smart device looks and wears just like a wristwatch, but instead of showing what time it is, it has some potentially life-saving benefits.

A simple device with major benefits for the quality of life of seniors

Local authorities inform of the availability of hundreds of smart bands, under the Telecare for Łódź Seniors project. Said project is by a Covid-counteracting Fund and is open to residents of Lodz.

More precisely, it is meant for the elderly (over 65 years old), people who have suffered strokes, heart attacks, are at risk of loss of consciousness, have memory problems due to illnesses or treatments, people with disabilities and those who stay alone in their homes.

To all these groups the smart devices might prove lifesaving, while their relatives will enjoy the calmness of being immediately notified in case something is wrong with their dependent relatives. This is thanks to the functionalities of the tele band which constantly measures basic life activities such as body temperature, heart rate, saturation, and physical activity and sends a notification in case something goes out of the ordinary.

Moreover, the device can detect a fall of the person who wears it and allows the emergency services to be easily and immediately notified about a life-threatening situation with pressing the SOS button. Finally, the safety band also allows seniors to easily communicate with their responsible monitoring centre and caregivers.

As TheMayor.EU reported earlier, the Polish city of Lublin has been implementing a similar initiative since 2019. Likewise, the goal is to improve seniors’ quality of life by helping them stay as safe as possible at home, thanks to the use of modern information and communication technologies.



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