Grote markt with the Town Hall building, Source: Radiance 35

600-year old Leuven Town Hall gets modern LED lighting

600-year old Leuven Town Hall gets modern LED lighting

In order to make it more sustainable and fit to crown a carbon-neutral city

The Town Hall of Leuven will become the latest building in the city to undergo a sustainability makeover. Following the Grote Markt and Oude Markt squares, which got energy-efficient illumination last year, the historical Gothic building of the Municipality will now receive LED lighting. The move contributes to the overall objective of Leuven to become climate neutral city by 2030.

Cultural heritage preservation does not have to harm the environment

The new exterior lighting of the town hall is part of the second phase of a larger plan to equip all historic buildings with new and sustainable lighting, inform the authorities. Naturally, the process will be particularly laborious, due to the architectural specifics of the building.

Leuven has one of the most famous gothic town halls in the world. With a lighting plan for such an iconic building as the town hall, we do not take it overnight. By choosing the right fixtures and the right amount of light, the Oude Markt with its monuments will become an attractive environment. 

It will be sober but stylish lighting that upgrades the nearly 600-year-old building and emphasizes its beautiful architecture. This gives the historic centre, the heart of the city, the appearance it deserves,” explained Alderman for public works Dirk Vansina, as quoted on the city website.

Said appearance will be achieved with the lighting of the windows and the towers of the building, complemented by outdoor lighting of the monument coming from St. Peter's Church and from the police building.

All lighting set for replacement consists of sustainable LEDs - this energy-conscious alternative is preferred for all public lighting. The latter is gradually being switched within the framework of the climate-neutral 2030 objectives for Leuven.

On top of the more energy-efficient lights, the lighting of the windows of the town hall are dimmed between 10 pm and 6 am, while the upper part of the towers will remain constantly illuminated. These towers are very characteristic of the Leuven skyline and remain visible all night.

The works are scheduled for completion this summer when the next phase will begin -  the renewal of functional lighting of the Oude Markt. That is planned for the fall.



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