European flag in Strasbourg

9 May marks state of peace and unity in Europe

9 May marks state of peace and unity in Europe

Europe Day celebrates the historic “Schuman Declaration”

On 9 May, the European Union celebrates over seven decades of "peace and unity in Europe". In a speech delivered in Paris in 1950, French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman outlined his vision for how European states could work together to bring an end to international conflicts.

In this speech, he proposed cooperation between the French and West German coal and steel industries. The result was the establishment of the European Coal and Steel Community on 18 April 1951, which later served as the precursor of the European Community.

The foundation of the European Union is based on two principles: peace and solidarity. On 29 June 1985 in Milan, the European Council adopted "Europe Day," as well as the European flag and other symbols of continental identity.

To celebrate “peace and unity in Europe”

Each year, at the beginning of May, the European institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg open their doors and hold a number of programmes and gatherings. Thousands of participants are invited to attend events such as visits, debates, festivals, and other activities in order to commemorate the day and foster a common European spirit.

In 2019, 9 May was declared an official holiday in Luxembourg. It is also a legally recognised day, although not a national holiday, in Croatia and Lithuania. In addition, it is one of the so-called "flag days" in Germany, when flags are raised in front of official buildings.



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