Dr. Reiner Haseloff handing over the funding notice, Source: Saxony-Anhalt

9 million euros for renovation projects in two towns in Saxony-Anhalt

9 million euros for renovation projects in two towns in Saxony-Anhalt

Their aim is to improve cityscapes and boost the economy

Yesterday, 31 March 2021, the Minister-President of Saxony-Anhalt Dr. Reiner Haseloff handed over the first notifications of the call for the renovation of the historic parts of Zeitz and Weißenfels. This will lead to the first five projects with funding totaling around 9 million euros to be distributed.

The goal is to improve the cityscapes of Zeitz and Weißenfels, as well as to provide future residents with an attractive living environment and unlimited educational opportunities. The five funded projects include a new educational campus, renovating the central access to Zeitz’s old town, a museum, a special needs school and new office spaces.  

“With the first funds from the call for funding for the renovation of the old town, we come to a whole step closer to our goal of developing the region into a livable, sustainable and attractive place for employees and skilled workers. In addition, it is important that, as part of the structural change, the first noticeable changes in the district communities - as through these projects - take place," said Dr. Haseloff at a press conference.

Boost economy and attract new investments

The state government hopes to use the funding to establish investment incentives in district cities, grow new commercial areas, and increase the economic use of existing structures. From 2021 until 2024, 25 million euros will be made available per year, with a total of 100 million euros available for the funding call under the Investment Act for Coal Regions.

The focus is on the cities in the district which are already significantly affected by the consequences of structural changes. The quality of the cityscape and public services is crucial to bringing new jobs and businesses in the same place. On top of that, it boosts the region's reputation for entrepreneurs, families, and helps attract skilled workers.



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