Mayor of Lublin receives smart city award, Source: Mayor of Lublin receives smart city award / City of Lublin

A 3D model wins smart city award for Lublin

A 3D model wins smart city award for Lublin

It facilities construction and makes the city more attractive to residents and investors

The comprehensive 3D model of Lublin (Poland) received a smart city award at this the 11th edition of the Smart City Forum. Lublin came first in the middle 100-500 inhabitants’ category.

Towards a smarter urban development

The comprehensive 3D model of buildings of Lublin was produced according to the international standard (cityGML technology) which is used by other European cities, including Berlin and Helsinki. It provides three-dimensional visualizations of urban objects, landform, layers of greenery etc.

This form of representations facilitates the preparation of expert materials (environmental studies, solar potential of buildings, noise distribution, impact on the immediate environment, and the like). Lublin’s model has been based and integrated with the existing 2D map tools, so in the future the design of buildings will be easier, more transparent, and intuitive.

“Three-dimensional model, which was created to meet Lublin needs, is the next stage of building an intelligent city and can be used in both participatory and urban development activities. For years, we have been working on making Lublin smart, and thus making it more attractive to residents and investors. The award confirms that it is a step in the right direction” said Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin quoted by the municipal portal.

The smartest cities of Poland

As we wrote last week, The Smart City Forum is an event that rewards the best achievers in terms of intelligent development among the cities of Poland. This year the event took place between 15 and 16 June remotely and its first day culminated in the selection of the winners of the Smart City Competition.

Among the largest cities’ category (over 500,000 inhabitants) Poznan was recognised for the overall implementation of the idea for ​​an intelligent city, the use of innovative solutions and effective management of resources and development strategy to improve the lives of residents in the field of transport, infrastructure, energy, spatial economy and the environment.



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