Karlovy Vary's Christmas bus, Source: City of Karlovy Vary

A Christmas bus and train will bring joy to the residents of Karlovy Vary

A Christmas bus and train will bring joy to the residents of Karlovy Vary

The city hopes to raise the spirits of citizens after the government banned the operations of Christmas markets

At the end of October, the Czech City of Karlovy Vary proudly shared that it had begun preparations for the holiday season. More specifically, the municipality revealed its initial plans to hold Christmas markets with around 20 stalls to celebrate Advent. On 25 November, however, the Czech government declared a state of emergency, banning the operations of festive markets and enforcing numerous restrictions.

Now, although the city has had to cancel its previous plans, it is still adamant about raising the Christmas spirit of its citizens. As such, the Karlovy Vary Transport Company announced that it will release a Christmas bus and train to cheer up residents and celebrate the holiday season.

Christmas-themed transport

The aforementioned bus will be colourful and richly decorated, with nearly 1,000 light bulbs making it glow during the winter nights. This bus will begin operating on Sunday 28 November.

In addition to this, the Karlovy Vary Transport Company will also release a Christmas train on Saturday 27 November. The train will be a festive attraction and will operate every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 19 December.

A ticket for the Christmas train will cost CZK 20 (EUR 0.78) for people over the age of 15 and will be free for passengers using the Vary Virtual application. The timetables and stops of the two Christmas vehicles are available on the website of the Karlovy Vary Transport Company.

Commenting on the Christmas transport and the government’s recent announcement, Deputy Mayor Tomáš Trtek shared: “Time is really tough. We had to cancel the Christmas markets, but fortunately, no one banned the Christmas bus and train. And we are happy about that.”

With the pandemic threatening to steal yet another Christmas, it is heart-warming to see cities working hard to preserve the Christmas spirit and bring joy to their citizens.



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