Berlin is the second city to adopt the project, after Hanover , Source: Mike Kotsch / Unsplash

A new app will help victims of domestic abuse in Berlin

A new app will help victims of domestic abuse in Berlin

It will aid them in collecting data about the incidents that can be used in court

Last week, Berlin authorities announced the launch of a new project against domestic violence. The project features an app where victims can look for information and contact authorities, as well as document their trauma.

The project will launch with a short trial phase in 2023 after which the app will be integrated into existing aid offers from the city. Moreover, the project is coordinated with local law enforcement and the administration, so that it can be adopted as an official instrument quicker.

Digitalising the fight against domestic violence

Iris Spranger, Senator for the Interior, Digitization and Sport was quoted in an official statement, explaining that domestic violence is a systemic problem in Germany, with one in four women having experienced it at least once in their life. Additionally, 81% of all victims of intimate partner violence are women.

One of the big features of the app is that it will allow victims to form so-called violence diaries, which will be protected by confidentiality. In them, they will be able to document the abuse which can then serve as evidence in a court of law.

Stefanie Knaab, initiator and project manager of the app explained that Berlin is the second city to adopt the practice after Hanover. She also pointed out that the aim of the service is to penetrate and cover the whole of Germany.

Ulrike Gote, Senator for Science, Health, Care and Gender Equality was quoted explaining: "The pandemic has shown us painfully that we need innovative, digital and technical possibilities to contact women who experience violence in new ways. I am confident that we will reach more women with this new app. And I hope that this will encourage more women to seek help and support and make use of our tried and tested Berlin support system.”



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