Map of the train route, Source: European Sleeper

A night train will connect Prague and Brussels from 2022

A night train will connect Prague and Brussels from 2022

This will allow sustainable, clean, and comfortable travel

Now, more than ever, there is a growing demand for train travel. Seeing this as an opportunity, the new Dutch start-up European Sleeper and the Czech-based private railway RegioJet announced their plan to launch an international night train from Prague to Brussels. The first trips are expected to begin in April 2022.

On its website, European Sleeper reported that the train will initially run three times a week. After this, it hopes to increase the frequency of its trips by running daily.

Major cities

The train will connect major cities as it will run from Prague to Brussels via Dresden, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Moreover, as it is an overnight train, it will arrive in Brussels in the morning and leave in the evening. The Dutch start-up shared its mission, writing that its goal is to encourage more people to "travel sustainably by sleeper train and enjoy how relaxing and efficient this way of travelling is."

Although tickets and fare prices have not yet been determined, the companies have reportedly stated that they aim to have prices that will be competitive with those of flights.

Advantages over air travel

On the night trains, passengers will be able to choose between regular seats or sleeping compartments. What is more, they will have access to free internet and coffee as part of the package. This can certainly tip the scales and make train travel a more appealing choice to passengers who would rather work onboard and/or sleep comfortably while they travel.

Every day, trains are becoming a more and more attractive method of travel. Although planes allow us to reach our destinations quicker, they also harm the environment and cause travellers a lot of stress. Trains, on the other hand, not only offer a stress-free and comfortable form of travel but one that is also clean and sustainable.



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