The Wellness Team, Source: Municipality of Thessaloniki

A team of 14 will patrol Thessaloniki's streets to ensure cleanliness

A team of 14 will patrol Thessaloniki's streets to ensure cleanliness

The Greek city established a “Wellness Team” to oversee waste-related issues

On 26 May, the Municipality of Thessaloniki presented its newly formed “Wellness Team”: a group of 14 workers who have been tasked with ensuring the cleanliness of the Greek city. To do so, the team members will use motorcycles to patrol all the neighbourhoods of the municipality in search of waste-related issues that must be eliminated.

Commitment to cleanliness

The “Wellness Team” was presented in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Cleaning and Recycling Nikos Zeibekis and the Mayor of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas. Commenting on the newly formed team and the city’s commitment to cleanliness, Zervas stated: “Today begins something that the city needed and for which we, as the administration, are committed to.”

According to Zervas, the lack of cleanliness is currently a key problem in the municipality; as such, it must be addressed and resolved. For this reason, the “Wellness Team” was created to patrol the neighbourhoods and oversee issues in order to achieve the desired result: a clean city.

In a press release, the Municipality of Thessaloniki detailed the responsibilities of the 14 members, noting that they will be in charge of getting rid of bulky waste, garbage bins, and abandoned vehicles. In other words, the “Wellness Team” will be tasked with improving the lives of residents by guaranteeing that Thessaloniki is a clean place to live in.

Residents must participate in the battle for a clean city

Despite the creation of this team, residents must still do their part. The Mayor of Thessaloniki addressed the inhabitants of the city, noting that although the administration is doing its best to reduce waste, creating a clean city must be a joint effort.  

“Cleanliness is a dance that must be danced by two,” Zervas emphasised.



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