An illustration of Solaris' electric Urbino 24 MetroStyle bus, Source: Solaris Bus & Coach

Aalborg orders 14 of Solaris’ longest bi-articulated electric buses

Aalborg orders 14 of Solaris’ longest bi-articulated electric buses

They are 24 metres long and equipped with modern safety systems

Last week, one of the leading European bus and trolleybus manufacturers Solaris Bus & Coach announced that it has received an order for 14 bi-articulated electric buses from the transport company Tide Bus Danmark in Aalborg. According to the manufacturer, this is an unprecedented order that makes Denmark the first country to receive Solaris’ electric Urbino 24 MetroStyle buses.

Solaris’ longest electric bus

The Urbino 24 electric buses are bi-articulated and 24 metres long. In other words, they are Solaris’ longest electric buses and have a high passenger capacity. Commenting on the e-bus model and Denmark’s order, Petros Spinaris from Solaris Bus & Coach explained:

“We were very glad to hear that Denmark would be the first country ever to receive delivery of electric Urbino 24 MetroStyle buses. This is a bus generation with a high passenger capacity and a unique design that perfectly suits the character of modern cities. I am convinced that our collaboration with Tide Bus Danmark will open up a new chapter in our activities and support sustainable urban transport.”

Fitted with modern systems

The Urbino 24 e-buses are equipped with innovative safety systems that provide drivers with assistance and ensure the security of all passengers. Taking a case in point, the buses are fitted with MirrorEye: a system of cameras that replaces rear- and side-view mirrors, ensures optimal visibility, and reduces the width of the bus. In addition to this, they also make use of a Mobileye Shield+ system that eliminates blind spot related risks and warns the driver when pedestrians or cyclists are detected.  

Furthermore, the Urbino 24 e-buses have two traction motors with a total capacity of 240 kW propelling two drive axels and a Solaris High Energy battery pack with a total capacity of 700 kWh.

Tide Bus Danmark has announced that the modern electric buses will be introduced in 2023 and have their own lane on Aalborg’s streets.



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