Aarhus begins development of tool aimed at helping school staff better plan working hours

Aarhus begins development of tool aimed at helping school staff better plan working hours

This is the first tool of its kind in Denmark to be used specifically in the area of teaching

Aarhus Municipality has entered into a 4-year agreement with INFOBA to develop a new digital tool for planning working hours in the Aarhus daycare institutions. This is the first time in Denmark that a planning solution is being developed specifically for the pedagogical area.

Smart time management

Information often has to be written several times and figures calculated manually when managers and employees today plan working hours and temporary staffing in Aarhus Municipality's daycare institutions. It costs resources and removes time from the kids. The new digital tool that is currently under development will help planners and employees and provide more time for educators to spend with children.

We look forward to working with INFOBA to facilitate everyday planning and ensure as many hands as possible for the children at all times of the day. It will be an important tool in relation to the forthcoming working time agreement, and it is in line with the economic analysis of the daycare area, which was made in 2020. on a need for a planning overview, so that we can ensure adequate staff coverage at precisely the times when the children are in daycare.”, stated Hardy Pedersen, Head of Administration in Finance and Administration in Children and Young People of the Municipality of Aarhus.

The need for such a tool is self-evident according to local officials. There is currently no common tool to help plan the teaching staff's working time. Aarhus Municipality has a "come-go" system in the daycare institutions for the children. It creates an overview of the children's attendance, while the employees' working hours must be planned manually. With the new planning tool, the planner will be able to more easily see how the employees get the most time with the children.

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