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Aarhus helps businesses switch to fossil-free transport

Aarhus helps businesses switch to fossil-free transport

Companies can apply to receive grants from the Climate Fund

On 19 August, the Danish Municipality of Aarhus announced the launch of a new initiative that aims to accelerate the country’s green transition. This initiative seeks to remind the business community that they have a duty to do their best and contribute to the municipality’s efforts of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030.

More specifically, the municipality’s largest taxi company Aarhus Taxi has formed a partnership with the City of Aarhus to set up a scheme whereby companies can apply for grants from the so-called Climate Fund. The fund will provide taxi companies, logistics companies, and others with financial support that will allow them to transition from diesel to hydrogen vehicles.

Businesses play an important role

According to the Danish city, Aarhus Taxi has been at the forefront of the work and plans to make more taxis run on hydrogen. Commenting on this, CEO of Aarhus Taxi Astrid Donnerborg noted: “We are very aware that we also have a responsibility in the business world for the transition to fossil-free driving. […] We are happy to take the driver’s seat and, with this new scheme, are one step closer to an important green transformation of commercial transport.”

Councillor for Technology and the Environment Bünyamin Simsek praised the taxi company, explaining that it is a good example of what private companies and the City of Aarhus can do to meet the UN’s climate goals. Furthermore, Simsek reminded businesses that everyone bears a responsibility to address the climate crisis.

Currently, the Danish municipality is in the process of converting its own vehicles (buses, vans, etc.) from diesel to hydrogen. Taking this further, it hopes to convert them all before 2025. With such actions and schemes like the Climate Fund, Aarhus Municipality will undoubtedly achieve its ambitious goal of becoming CO2 neutral by 2030.  



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