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Aarhus Municipality says no to nicotine pouches at work

Aarhus Municipality says no to nicotine pouches at work

A smoke-free environment has been guaranteed for years, but now the local administration is looking into further improving public health habits

Aarhus Municipality announced that it plans to become the second local administration in Denmark (after Odensee) to ban the use of nicotine pouches and chewing tobacco among its employees during work hours.

The aim of the prohibition has been defended as part of a campaign to minimize children's and young people's exposure to harmful nicotine products.

The prohibition will enter into force from 1 May and will concern all employees of the Aarhus Municipality.

[The] Municipality has a great responsibility to take the lead and signal that nicotine products, on an equal footing with cigarettes, are not part of the culture as an employee in Aarhus Municipality," said Christian Budde Councilor for Health and Care.

Setting a healthy example

Although Scandinavian countries rank at the bottom in Europe when it comes to cigarette use, there is a strong culture of using oral tobacco products, such as snus, chewing tobacco and nicotine pouches. These are placed between the lips and gums and release nicotine into the bloodstream through absorption.

Despite cutting out the harmful smoke factor, these products are not considered healthy by any means.

Nicotine poses a serious health risk - especially for the brains of our children and young people, and it increases the risk of developing, among other things, stress, anxiety, depression. In many ways, we have a new public health problem that we need to respond to,” stated Christian Budde.

That is why the Municipality wants its employees to serve as role models for the young generation and avoid using these products, at least while they’re on the job. In addition, the administration has decided that all municipal events will not support the use of these products anymore.

However, there will not be any checks on employees' use of smoke-free nicotine products. Instead, there will be clear guidelines and support available, including free smoking and nicotine cessation courses at Folkesundhed Aarhus.



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