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Aarhus to develop 7.8 kilometres of new cycle paths in 2022

Aarhus to develop 7.8 kilometres of new cycle paths in 2022

1 in 4 residents say there is a lack of cycling infrastructure in the Danish city

Every two years, Aarhus conducts a survey to understand the needs and concerns of its cyclists. In 2021, the Danish city found that many are unhappy with the lack of cycle paths and concerned about traffic safety. For this reason, Aarhus has now revealed that it will build 7.8 kilometres of new cycle paths in the coming year.

Transforming 3 areas

The study asked citizens what would inspire them to cycle more often. Responding to this question, 1 in 4 people pointed to more cycle paths. Taking these answers into account, the City of Aarhus will soon transform 3 areas.

The first path will be between Kasted and Søftenvej in Aarhus N. It will reportedly be 1.1 kilometres long and developed in several stages, with the first stage already being underway.

The second path will link Borumvej and Viborgvej in Aarhus V – construction on this 2.9-kilometre-long path is set to start in March and finish by the end of 2022.

The third and final path will be between Solbjerg and Tranbjerg in Aarhus S; this path will be the longest of all three, spanning a distance of 3.8 kilometres. Construction of this cycle path will begin in April and finish in September.

Increasing traffic safety

Aside from the need to increase the number of cycle paths, the City of Aarhus has also found that citizens feel unsafe when cycling across intersections. Acknowledging this issue, Councillor for Technology and the Environment Bünyamin Simsek shared that the city will install traffic lights and make changes to several intersections in 2022. Expanding on this, Simsek further shared:

“We must make it even more attractive to choose the bike, so we can get a greener municipality and do something about the congestion on the roads. We know that it is of great importance in the local communities that there are good bicycle connections if more people have to switch from cars to bicycles.”



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