The anouncement of UniWeLab at the University of Genoa, Source: Genoa Municipality

Academic-private partnership in Genoa aims to boost engineering competence

Academic-private partnership in Genoa aims to boost engineering competence

The aim is to promote excellence in building infrastructure

On 25 February, the municipal website of Genoa reported about the creation of an incubator for research and ideas in the field of infrastructure called UniWeLab. This new initiative came as a result of a collaboration between the University of Genoa and Webuild, one of the leading construction companies in the world.

The private sector partner contributed an initial instalment of 150 000 euros towards the creation of the space, where young professionals in the engineering, architectural and logistics spheres will be trained in cutting-edge methodologies that will let them assume leading roles once they graduate.

This is part of a larger framework agreement between the two organizations

Webuild is an Italian company that gained recognition for its work in rebuilding the San Giorgio Bridge (actually a motorway viaduct) in Genoa, which had collapsed on 14 August 2018 tragically resulting in casualties.

When a large and important company in the world such as Webuild and the University of Genoa, with its international excellence, promote a partnership to train young people in the field of creating new infrastructures, we can only think in terms of the future," commented the mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, who was also present at the event.

"This is absolutely a priority because the future of Genoa and Europe hinges on infrastructures, whether they are land, sea or digital. All businesses will need infrastructures and we want to become number one players".

UniWeLab will be located in the Italian Centre of Excellence in Logistics, Transport and Infrastructures whose mission is to promote scientific research in these areas and apply its results to create practical solutions for mobility.

The wider framework agreement between the construction enterprise and the university was signed on 18 June 2020 and apart from the research component it also makes arrangements for the provision of specialized training for professionals in the sphere.

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