“Active holiday in Bucharest” daycare programme

“Active holiday in Bucharest”: childcare for working parents during the holidays

“Active holiday in Bucharest”: childcare for working parents during the holidays

Over 300 children enrolled in the programme, registrations are open

The City of Bucharest announces that it has started the registrations for the "Active holiday in Bucharest" programme, intended for children with parents who will be working during the school holiday between 12 and 23 April. The municipality stated that the initiative was not addressed to those kids with parents working from home. To enroll in the programme, adults will sign a statement on their own responsibility.

During the holiday period in addition to the initial school holiday, Bucharest will provide five locations free of charge for approximately 1,200 children aged between 4 and 12. Registrations started on Monday and more than 300 children have signed up already. Each child will have access to a single group and in a single time slot – morning or afternoon, in the same location for which they will opt through the form.

“I am glad that, from day one, our project, ′′Active holiday in Bucharest ", sparked the interest of parents and students of Bucharest. From the first hours we have over 300 students registered,” confirmed the mayor of Bucharest, Nicușor Dan, on his Facebook page.

The children will benefit from supervision by specialised staff, educational activities - creative games, watching shows, handicrafts, personal development exercises and will also be involved in various artistic activities in which professional actors from the public and private sector will participate.

In compliance with all Covid-19 protection measures

To comply with anti-COVID-19 safety measures, children will be split into small groups to ensure adequate distance, and those over the age of 5 will wear a mask. To avoid congestion, each location has enough space, with a limit of 5 square metres per kid.

The spaces will be disinfected at the end of each period and at the end of the day. In addition, the items used in children's games will be disinfected on a regular basis. If required, children will be given protective masks, disinfectant, and medical attention.



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