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Administrations in Murcia Region agree on setting up a platform for sustainable architecture

Administrations in Murcia Region agree on setting up a platform for sustainable architecture

This is meant as the next step to implementing the regional Sustainable Construction Strategy

This past weekend, a good example of collaboration between different levels of government came from the Spanish autonomous region of Murcia. The regional government and municipalities have agreed to create an online platform that will serve as a tool for sharing useful practices, experiences and partnerships in the field of sustainable architecture and construction. This is meant to support the goals of the UN SDP and the European Urban Agenda 2030 as well as the regional EACS (Sustainable Architecture and Construction Strategy, adopted last year).

The shift to greener construction will also provide a boost to the economy

The proposed platform stems from the desire of the regional Government for the ‘renaturation’ of homes and cities. This term refers to the return to more sustainable building materials, as well as the use of recycled materials that promote energy efficiency. Other measures that are envisioned for the future of architectural design include the creation of rooftop gardens and vertical gardens which help the building stock of a locality and contribute positively to purifying the air.

The successful implementation of the new strategy in the construction sector would not be possible without the active role of the municipal administrations hence the agreed creation of the platform as a tangible sign of goodwill and cooperation between the different tiers of government.

We want to give greater prominence to the municipalities in the current phase of development and implementation of the Sustainable Architecture and Construction Strategy,” confirmed Jaime Pérez Zulueta, Director General of Territory and Architecture Department. He also stressed the importance of inter-institutional communication in order to highlight successful examples of good practices in the field as well as the promotion of circularity in the construction industry.

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