One of the HeadAi concept maps, Source: Depositphotos

AI map shows where Tampere has skill gaps to fill

AI map shows where Tampere has skill gaps to fill

Unlike ChatGPT, this tool can visualize the data with helpful graphics that show the way to develop education and employment opportunities

The Tampere City Council has demonstrated a new AI-based tool, which has the ability to map out data and convert it into visual presentations that help the authorities in their policy decisions.

The City has partnered with HeadAi to create a map, for example, which shows where the city needs competencies and skilled people and what kind of jobs are advertised so that gaps in skills can be identified. That tool can help the local authorities draw up and implement tailor-made strategies for social and economic development.

Skills mapping as part of smart city development

HeadAi, a Finnish tech startup, describe their tool as a “visualizing ChatGPT”. Likewise, it searches data from local sources when asked a question and then generates a colourful Cellular concept map, which makes it easy to see different things, such as the availability of skills, or the need to develop employment opportunities in certain areas.

These maps can be used, for example, in employment services as a tool when looking for a suitable talent profile,” observed Anu Passi-Rauste, Marketing Director of HeadAi. 

These days, the overall need for local authorities is to pursue urban development in line with smart strategies. That itself calls for reorientation in the labour market and the demand for skilled labour.

This is where concept maps and AI can help as they help the administration create a strategy for education, training and skills development that are needed for the Tampere of the future.

It is important that decision-making is based on up-to-date and reliable information. As an organization, we want to reform and enable a smart city by doing and learning together,” explains Riikka Lindsten, a development expert from the city administration.

Cooperation with HeadAi has created two concept maps as tools, which tell where skills are needed and show the direction of the future - that is, how Tampere would like to develop. 



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