Smart Alba Iulia App, Source: Alba Iulia Municipality

Alba Iulia launches app to facilitate communication between citizens and authorities

Alba Iulia launches app to facilitate communication between citizens and authorities

Locals can report problems through the app and pitch their suggestions for improvement to their officials

The inhabitants of Alba Iulia have at their disposal an extremely fast and efficient communication tool with the City Hall. It is called the SmartAlert Alba Iulia application, through which anyone can report any problem encountered in the community. Initially launched as part of the Alba Iulia Smart City pilot project, the application has been constantly improved and is now directly connected to the municipality's dispatcher.

Going smart and facilitating talks

Using the application involves creating a user account and this operation takes less than a minute. Once the application is installed and the account is accessed, the user can report any incident, from public lighting, roads, green spaces, sanitation and to the discipline in construction or road signs. At the same time, also through the SmartAlert AlbaIulia application, the people of Alba Iulia can make proposals or request information from the local administration.

Gabriel Pleșa, the mayor of Alba Iulia, had the opportunity to personally convince himself of the usefulness of the approach and of the way things happen, both in the application and in the field. "The time for rail files and wasted time is almost over. The new technologies allow us to interact much more directly and simply with the people of Alba Iulia and SmartAlert Alba Iulia is just one example. At the same time, however, it is a determined and concrete step in the great, long and much-desired process of debureaucratization and digitalization of the administration.

I also installed my application, to understand exactly how it works and I can tell you that it is incredibly simple and efficient. You know what you want to signal, you choose the field of interest in which it falls, you describe briefly the problem, you can attach pictures if you want and send, and in the next minute, he's with us at City Hall. In the next hours or days, depending on the specifics and complexity, someone will take care of solving your problem and you will be able to see the answer and the stage in which the reported incident is in the application.

Practically, every Albaiulian has the city and the City Hall under control, a few clicks away and there is no need for time lost at the doors of various local institutions. The application does this for them and for their own good.” explained Mayor Gabriel Pleşa.

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