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Alba Iulia will improve its urban environment with EU funding

Alba Iulia will improve its urban environment with EU funding

New urban garden of over 2.9 hectares will revitalize the Romanian city

The Romanian City Hall of Alba Iulia has obtained funding for a project aiming to improve the urban environment through the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. Through the actions of the project the city will be revitalized, the air pollution will be reduced and noise reduction measures will be implemented.

To increase the attractiveness of Alba Iulia

The project involves the creation of new urban spaces for recreational activities by arranging a park in an area totalling almost three hectares. It will also contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the Citadel and to beautifying and regenerating the urban environment.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. Creation of green areas on the northern perimeter side of the Alba Carolina Fortress with an area of ​​26,476 sqm, over a period of 12 months.
  2. Creation of facilities for recreation on the landscaped lands: furnished visiting routes, bicycle tracks, rest modules in a new open space created in the northern perimeter of ​​Alba Carolina Fortress, on an area of ​​29,000 sqm.

Details about the project

The total value of the project is 9,247,426.36 lei (1 909 621,97 euros). The duration of the project implementation is 24 months. The financing contract was signed on 16 December 2019.         

    After the completion of the project there will be a children's corner. Image by Alba Iulia Municipality

The new green area open to the public will include: green spaces, bike paths, pedestrian alleys, children's playgrounds, relaxation areas for leisure or party free time. The project provides for the deforestation of uncontrolled overgrown vegetation, leveling the land, connection to the water supply system, sewerage, electricity and communication networks, arrangement of green spaces with decorative vegetation.

In addition,  installation of gazebos/pergolas, bathrooms (automatic cabins with self-cleaning ), street furniture (benches, trash bins, bicycle parking racks, fountains, etc.) will also take place, as well as the construction of lighting and irrigation systems, of surveillance and wi-fi systems, creation of playgrounds for children, arranging a ramp for people with disabilities. Information panels, including a QR code system and information systems for the blind will also be installed.



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