Alicante online conference poster, Source: Ayuntamiento de Alicante

Alicante online conference will discuss new issues for teachers

Alicante online conference will discuss new issues for teachers

The Covid era has brought on new challenges for the educational sector

The Education Department of the City of Alicante announced that this Thursday, 5 November, it is organizing a virtual conference on Zoom called “Teaching in times of pandemic” in order to address the new pertinent issues that have arisen for educational professionals in the recent months. Most of the hot topics that will be discussed are related to the impact on mental health and well-being that the coronavirus crisis is causing on the students.

Ways to cope with educational issues in the new reality

The virtual conference will begin at 5:30 pm and is expected to continue until 8:30 pm (CET) and will be moderated by César Bona, a local teacher. The agenda of the event includes presentations and a round table discussion.

The first presentation, which will be given my Mr Bona, carries the title “Humanizing education – The importance of motivating students in times of pandemic”. It will allude to the danger of online and screen addiction of students now that some of the education has moved to virtual platforms.

In the second presentation, Cristina Sarabia, who is a psychologist, will talk about ways and strategies of coping with the fear, stress and anxiety in the class environment that have been caused by the pandemic.

The round table talk, under the title “The new school landscape in the face of Covid-19” will be attended by Diana Guijarro, the coordinator of the Absenteeism Unit at the Alicante Department of Education. She will report on her findings and statistics on how fear is influencing truancy in the municipality of Alicante.

Another guest will be Carlos-Eloy Ferreirós, a prosecutor from the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, who will have the task of explaining the legal effects of school absenteeism and the new guidelines surrounding this problem.

Teachers and other educational professionals who would like to participate in the event are required to register first by visiting this link at Alicante’s municipal website.



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