One of the QR codes visible at an Alicante tourism establishment, Source: Ajuntament d'Alacant

Alicante tourism sector is now all at one’s fingertips thanks to a new app

Alicante tourism sector is now all at one’s fingertips thanks to a new app

The platform also collects data from the user’s experiences in order to help the authorities with analyses

This week, the municipal website of Alicante announced that a new app, called Passporter, had been launched with the aim to provide easy access to all the attractions and services that a tourist may need in the city. The app is managed by the Alicante City&Beach Tourist Board and tourist routes and city content, but even more, it also includes recommendations from the users about their experiences so that future users can make informed choices.

Travel planning on the go

The application now offers all the information on Alicante as a destination, which has been fed with the Municipal Tourist Board's own content, both texts and images. To this end, different itineraries have been created, detailing points of interest and other information, in order to increase the city's promotional tools. It also includes links to the website and to the events calendar of Alicante City&Beach. The information appears in Spanish, English and French.

The tool works through a web platform and an app, and its download and use is completely free for the user. It is a leading tourist application with more than 100,000 downloads that allows users to share experiences and recommend places based on their own experiences in the destination. Now it also includes information generated by the destination itself so that it can be consulted before or during the trip.

Nearly a hundred hotels, tourist apartments, museums and coworking centers in the city have Passporter displays with a QR code so that visitors can access the necessary information. They are also available at tourist information offices and even at Spanish schools for foreigners.

In addition, the Passporter app generates tracking measurement links for each tourist destination, which consist of collecting user access data from specific points. With this, it is possible to know which points users access more frequently and how many times the code is scanned from each place.



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