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Alytus unveils 2030 Strategic Development Plan

Alytus unveils 2030 Strategic Development Plan

The document prioritizes creating a convenient city that provides opportunities for all

The Alytus City Municipality Administration has announced the completion of one of its most important and complex strategic planning documents. The City Strategic Development Plan 2021- 2030 envisions Alytus in southern Lithuania as a sustainably growing city of opportunities, comfortable and empowering to the people who live and work in it. To realize this vision, the plan outlines two priorities, and sets objectives with specific measures for their implementation.


The first priority - achieving a CONVENIENT CITY, focuses on the following steps:

  • Prolonging the duration and improving the quality of life of residents, and reducing the number of registered diseases per 1000 population - creating conditions for everyone to lead healthier, active lifestyle, play sports, feel good both physically and mentally;
    Increasing population growth and share of working age population - the city is inhabited by community residents who take care of each other and try to leave nobody alone and excluded;
  • Promoting the use of alternative and environmentally friendly means of transport, public and private -  the city moves in an environmentally conscious way, public transport is clean and convenient, proper infrastructure is developed to reduce the environmental impact, green spaces are distributed evenly and equitably;
  • Increasing the share of renewable energy in total energy use - promoting environmentally friendly, energy-saving production methods, increasing citizens awareness for a fast track to a climate-neutral city;
  • Improving the relationship between the municipal education context and achievement indicators - the services provided in the city are of high quality, accessible and attractive.

The second priority - CITY OF OPPORTUNITIES – focuses on:

  • Increasing occupation and average monthly wage and reducing the unemployment rate - the city residents are provided with an opportunity to improve and create a high quality of life. Citizens contribute to the creation of opportunities for themselves and future generations, are open to change, and provide equal opportunities for all; 
  • Increasing the number of visitors to museums and cultural institutions - the variety of cultural, sports and leisure activities and events encourages citizens to actively relax and attracts city guests;
  • Increasing the number of business entities per city population and the growth of direct foreign investments per capita - Alytus is an attractive place for innovative, environmentally friendly businesses aimed at contributing to the sustainable growth of the city. The economic development of the city creates conditions for the well-being and self-fulfillment of its residents.

Painstaking preparation

The strategic development plan of Alytus until 2030 was prepared in several stages, with in-depth situation analysis and public opinion feedback, and the participation of five working groups representing the municipal administration, educational and cultural institutions, local communities and business.

"As a true Alytus resident, I would very much like our city to be green, growing and prosperous, so that everyone living here can freely realize their ideas and dreams, work, earn money, and spend the spare time in a meaningful and healthy way. And these words would just ring hollow, had it not been for the determination of the people of this city to join forces and work for the welfare of Alytus. I am firmly convinced that by working together we will make smart and sustainable decisions that will help create a convenient city, a city of opportunities,” said Mayor Nerijus Cesiulis, commenting on the aspirations of the new city development plan. 

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