Alytus Youth Park renovation project, Source: Alytus City Municipality

Alytus Youth Park gets a new look

Alytus Youth Park gets a new look

There will be 7 zones in the recreation area which boasts 40 year-old greenery and unique sculptures

With the design team working around the clock, Alytus Youth Park now has a new vision, Nerijus Cesiulis, mayor of the Lithuanian city, announced on his Facebook page.

The main goal of the renovation project is to preserve the structure and authenticity of the park as much as possible, turning it into a unique recreation space for young and old, active leisure enthusiasts and those seeking respite in nature.

Soviet era legacy

Youth Park’s main asset is its forest, planted 4 decades ago by the parents and grandparents of today’s residents. During the Soviet era, there were impressive attractions there which collapsed over time and were dismantled. The park was also famed for its metal-plastic sculptures which had been created by young artists and had no counterpart at that time in the Soviet Union. Some of the unique works of art have been preserved for future generations.

The renovated Youth Park will have 7 zones tailored to the needs of the city population.

Family space

An impressive children's playground with a musical arch, an eight-metre tower with slides, swings and other entertainment facilities will appear in the park. There will be a barbecue area, too, as, according to the cliché, playing in the open whets the appetite.

Youth space

The former summer stage has already been turned into an extreme sports area for roller-skaters, skateboarders and cyclists with hills and ramps that can host even high-level sports events. Benches and a roof will be installed on the slope in the near future, and climbing walls will also appear nearby.

Seniors space

This zone was created at a comfortable distance from the noisy spaces of the young, so that senior citizens can enjoy the peace of nature, walk and socialize. It is planned to install modern roofs and benches there, along with tables for chess and checkers.

Event space

This is the most open space next to the Spider sculpture, in the heart of the park, which is suitable for public events.

Sports area

It will be the only zone located in three different parts of the park and will comprise 3 volleyball courts, a multifunctional court for basketball and football, and an outdoor training ground.

Pet space

Everybody knows that the family is not made up of just grandparents, parents and children. Therefore, there will be a fence-surrounded area for dogs with training and play equipment.

Dating space

Perhaps the most beautiful place in the park will be set aside for couples looking for seclusion. Landscape professionals will create a real masterpiece there, complete with benches, arbours and...a love maze!  



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