Amalfi Municipality communicates to citizens via WhatsAmalfiApp

Amalfi Municipality communicates to citizens via WhatsAmalfiApp

It is not a group chat, but a 1-to-1 conversation between the Municipality and the user

WhatsApp - one of the world's most popular messaging apps will be used by the municipality of Amalfi as a public communication channel, on which informational content on specific topics will be provided.

Users of the app will be provided with public utility communications, for deadlines of general interest, notices for services like catering, school transport, roads etc. It will be also used for forwarding any information received from outside sources in cases of water shortages or disruptions in the power grid. By using the WhatsAmalfiApp citizens will also receive news about cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions and initiatives of various types.

The immediacy of the channel is useful in case of emergencies when the forwarding of information of public interest by the National, Regional or Municipal Civil Protection, the fire department is of paramount importance for the safety of the population, preventing unnecessary exposure to risk.

It is important to know that this is not actually a group chat at all, but a 1-to-1 messaging service from the Municipality directly to the user. Users are all anonymous and no one else can see who is on the receiving end of the messages or interact with them in any way.

How to register for the service?

Registration for the service is very simple. Have WhatsApp installed and dial in the number 0898736200 into your phone or tablet's address book under the name WhatsAmalfiApp. Open the application and send a message consisting of "Info ON". Within two working days, you will receive a welcoming response and be included in the service. Take note that while WhatsAmalfiApp sends communications to the population, it will not be receiving any messages.

The mayor of Amalfi Daniele Milano declared: "It is an additional service that extends the communication channels that we have activated towards the population. Now we are taking a new step in the digitalisation of communication towards citizens".

An information page on the web portal of the Municipality of Amalfi is also dedicated to the new service. 



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