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Amsterdam: a 17-million euro financial injection for the arts and culture sector

Amsterdam: a 17-million euro financial injection for the arts and culture sector

Its goal is to prevent key creative institutions from closing because of the Covid-19 crisis

The municipality of Amsterdam has decided to support the local arts and culture sectors, strongly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with a significant financial boost. An additional 17 million euros will be deployed within the next couple of months, as part of a plan indented to save essential cultural and arts institutions, informed the local authority.

Amsterdam breathes art and culture

The creative sectors worldwide have suffered severe damages, in relation to the social isolation caused by Covid-19. The same goes for Amsterdam, which has had profound social and economic consequences for life in the capital according to officials. The creative sector is indispensable for the city's liveability and accounts for around 10% of the local employment.

The additional funding will be provided as part of the local plan for the arts and aims to ensure that key institutions belonging to the creative sector will not be forced to close their doors, due to the coronavirus. The financial injection announced on 8 May comes from an emergency fund, set up previously by the municipality.

Emergency support for the creative sector in Amsterdam

The college of Mayor and Aldermen of Amsterdam has chosen to support the institutions that are part of the Kunstenplan (Arts Plan). They have been chosen by the Amsterdam Arts Council and the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) on the basis of the policy objectives of the city council. Furthermore, the municipality explained that they are also working on support measures for institutions that receive project subsidies from the AFK, and for the incubators.

The measure comes on top of the accelerated procedure for grant applications in the culture sector, introduced in April. It allowed for artists and organisations to apply for grants of up to EUR 5,000 and to receive a response in just 5 days.



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