The ultimate bike rack, designed for the needs of Amsterdam's cyclists, Source: Municipality of Amsterdam

Amsterdam designs own bicycle rack to fit all bike models and sizes

Amsterdam designs own bicycle rack to fit all bike models and sizes

The ultimate bike rack takes the needs of local cyclists into account

A new model of a bicycle rack has been put to use in Amsterdam, on Haarlemmerplein, the city reported today. What is special about it, is that the model was designed by the city in response to the great variety of bike sizes and models to better cater to the needs of local cyclists. The authority believes that the “ultimate bike rack” has all it needs, addressing the weak points of existing models.

A more efficient and comfortable bike rack model for Amsterdam

The new bike rack in Amsterdam did not come out of nowhere. It was rather the product of consultation and remodeling in collaboration with the residents of the city, who expressed their comments on what works and what does not work well when they try to park and store their bicycles in existing facilities.

In particular, the city first ran tests in the West borough, where they placed different rack models and asked cyclists and the Cycling Union Fietsersbond about their opinion. The answers served to design the new model which was then placed at a key location.

According to the city website, the new model features more space between the bicycles which is good for models with a crate or wide handlebars. Furthermore, the rack also takes into account the increasing number of heavy e-bikes driving in the city. In addition, the rack is low enough, so one does not need to lift their bike to secure it.

The rack also fits children's bicycles and bicycles with thicker tires up to 7 centimeters. It stores more bicycles in a smaller space and it also looks neater. In addition, the ground under the rack is easier to wipe clean, authorities claim. And finally, the rack is produced in a sustainable and circular way.

The new model is not meant to replace the light simple structure of the staple type, but to complement it, especially in busy city areas. The new model will be subject to evaluation and only if it is well perceived will the city commission a company to produce more of it.

From 2023, Amsterdam will install the racks in busy areas, in refurbishment projects, at locations where they carry out major maintenance and at places where they have to replace older racks.



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