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Amsterdam invites residents to a month-long energy-saving challenge

Amsterdam invites residents to a month-long energy-saving challenge

Keeping them engaged in the local climate objectives

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to spend much more time at home and this has brought about two issues. First, after months in social isolation, we have already exhausted most types of pastime activities and are desperate for a change. Second, our energy bills have skyrocketed due to the increased consumption.

Well, the City of Amsterdam has come up with a good solution to these and other problems, in a way that contributes to its objectives for climate neutrality by 2050: the Energy Challenge.

How to start saving energy with minimal effort?

The online Energy Challenge is open to Amsterdam-based households, consisting of more than one person, that own a smart meter. They can register for one of two online challenges, lasting for 30 days starting on 1 February and 1 March, respectively. Once registered, the households start working together to make their homes more energy-efficient.

For one month they will get different tips via a special mobile application or a website. Participants will also get the possibility to claim a 25-euro voucher to purchase an energy-saving appliance, such as energy-saving lamps, LED lightning or insulation foil.

Apart from the tips, of course, there will be group assignments – 4 each week. Completing the assignments will earn you points. In the end, the app calculates the total energy saved based on your usual consumption and combines it with the points from each challenge to determine whether the attempt was successful.

Just like with body-transformation challenges, there will be a personal energy coach to guide participants along the way. This way, the Energy Challenge might help you transform your energy consumption completely, thanks to small but persistent efforts.

And if you are already a pro at energy-saving, you might want to help your fellow citizens with the process by becoming a coach. You do not even have to live in Amsterdam to participate, as the coaching happens entirely online and takes just 4 hours per week.

Learn how to do this from the comfort of your home by clicking on this link (in Dutch).

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