The 3D-printed bench is the one on the right, Source: City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is testing out a 3D-printed bench

Amsterdam is testing out a 3D-printed bench

The Dutch city has decided to get very creative with street furniture this year

The City of Amsterdam is on a quest to readapt its conditions and even its appeal to becoming safer, and cleaner but also more circular and climate-adaptive. Part of this plan looks into rethinking street furniture as well, apparently.

The city website informed that new types of benches will be “tested” by the public until the end of 2023. One example is the 3D-printed bench placed in front of the town hall “inviting” passers-by to sit down and chill. It is made from recycled plastic.

You will find the bench right along the Amstel River. To the left, you look at the Blauwbrug and to the right towards the Munttoren. The bench will remain there for 3 to 5 months and will then be moved to other locations in the city.

The authorities are also testing bio-composite benches on the Ringdijk. Likewise, the statement says that benches made from bamboo and wood, sourced from dead local trees will also be put on trial.

The aim of the sitting exercise

The variety of materials reflects the desire of the city government to check whether the materials are resistant to all weather influences, whether they last long enough, are not damaged too quickly and whether they can be cleaned properly by the cleaning service. 

Plus, officials are also investigating whether Amsterdammers who use the bench are positive about the design. After all, a bench has to provide comfort above all. And 3D-printing as a concept for urban design already has some roots in the city.

The 3D-printed bench idea was already proposed last year by a Rotterdam design studio “The New Raw”, which stated that an average resident from Amsterdam produces 23 kilos of plastic each year. This, they figured, could mean that two people could produce one bench, which would actually help implement circularity and social interactions in the public space.



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