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Amsterdam named most animal-friendly city in the Netherlands

Amsterdam named most animal-friendly city in the Netherlands

2 million a year is spent on animal welfare in the Dutch capital

Hardly do you need more reasons to love Amsterdam, the champion in so many disciplines, ranging from cycling and night life to arts and culture. However, the Dutch capital has recently come in for another award, namely the one of the most animal-friendly municipality in the Netherlands.

The prize was awarded by DierenLot Foundation to employees of the Amsterdam Animal Welfare department during the National Animal Emergency Congress on 9 November. The prize rewards a wide range of initiatives in the field of care for animals.

Municipal funding, wildlife saving greenery, all in the name of animals

To start with, Amsterdam spends 2 million a year on animal welfare. Since 2014 the Animals Agenda, which defines the relevant policy of the city, has been in existence. It provides subsidies or 100% financing of projects that contribute to the well-being of animals.

What is more, some of the funded initiatives prove to be particularly useful to people as well. For example, people in the Dutch capital with a low income can get reimbursement for a vet consultation. Now 10,000 Amsterdam pets can receive the necessary treatment. Nest boxes, green roofs and facades, a shelter for wild animals, no more live Christmas stables. These are some of the reasons why Amsterdam tops the national animal-friendly municipality ranking.

The city boasts a natural management of greenery which makes it good for bees, butterflies, birds and other animals. Pet-friendly pet stores receive a seal of approval from the local authority. They contribute financially to the animal ambulance but also to establishments like De Toevlucht; a shelter for wild animals in Southeast. Children's farms have been made more animal-friendly over the years.

Finally, the city tries to ban advertisements with animals on the street and dog shows. And from 2020 onwards, Amsterdam's catering policy is animal-friendly: snacks, receptions and other events are vegetarian.

The other best municipalities that join Amsterdam in the top 10 are: Velsen, Schiedam, Alps on the Rhine, Hoorn, Zwolle, Vlaardingen, Den Helder, Lelystad and Rijswijk.



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