Amsterdam to fund residents if they organise events for its anniversary

Amsterdam to fund residents if they organise events for its anniversary

In 2025, the city turns 750 and it wants a celebration to remember

Ever wondered how early you should start planning your birthday party? Well, if you ask the city of Amsterdam, 3 and a half years might not be soon enough. Especially if you are turning 750 years and are getting ready for a year-long celebration. A celebration that promises to be spectacular, allowing every citizen to get on board.

Up to 50,000 euros subsidy for citizen-led projects

On 27 October 2025 Amsterdam will turn 750, but the party will start one year earlier – on 27 October 2024. During this period, authorities promise an event for every single day, in each district of the city.

This, naturally, calls for a great involvement of civil society actors, who can contribute ideas and help co-organising cultural happenings to mark the occasion. As a thank you, Amsterdam will co-fund their projects with up to 50,000 euros.

Starting from April, citizens can apply for a subsidy for all kinds of projects: in the fields of sports, culture, education, welfare, or a combination of these. The financial assistance can be to the tune of 10,000, 20,000 or 50,000 euros, but no more than half the total event budget. Moreover, partnerships must be composed of at least 3 parties and focus on the district they come from.

The application will happen in stages, each open to a different district, lasting for two weeks. Starting from 1 April, individual stages will end in June. After that, in September, there will be a final round open to all districts.

The amounts are provided by the Amsterdam 750 foundation, which helps to implement the municipal plans for the celebration and aims to involve the city's residents in the celebration of the anniversary of the city as much as possible. Those who want to apply to co-host a birthday party can learn more on the foundation’s website.

Would you like to co-host a celebration honouring the city's 750th anniversary? 



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