The future animal kindergarten among the greenery of Poznan New Zoo, Source: Poznań City Hall / Municipal Multimedia Guide

Animal kindergarten under construction in Poznan

Animal kindergarten under construction in Poznan

It will be built at Nowe Zoo, the second-largest zoological garden in Poland

Poznan is currently building a special place where animals can socialise and learn new things – an animal kindergarten. One might wonder what the use is of yet another concrete structure and if this is not a drastic display of human interference into the animal world.

The reason is that said kindergarten will become home to animals only in special situations, such as when they are not capable of surviving on their own. This might include young animals, rejected by their mother, for example.

The building under construction is set to provide a safe shelter for them, in a close-to-real environment – amongst the greenery of Poznan’s Nowe Zoo, the second largest zoological garden in the country.

Poznan takes special care of the future inhabitants of the Zoo

On Tuesday, Poznan informed on the progress of the construction of the future kindergarten for animals. The structure is being built on the site of the old butterfly house in the New Zoo, which had been demolished. That zoo opened its doors back in 1974 and impresses with its space.

The kindergarten will create safe conditions for feeding, carrying out veterinary procedures and rehabilitation of young animals. The new building will feature stalls to keep predatory mammals, ungulates and birds separate from each other, as well as an infirmary and a special feeding room.

Moreover, visitors will be able to observe, through glass-panel, activities aimed at saving and raising the newborn. The new facility will also have a social room for employees and a warehouse.

In the gallery above, one can see that the foundations that had been laid out, as well as the under-floor installation and the walls. The construction of the roof is currently in progress and there will also be sidewalks and internal roads, to facilitate access to the kindergarten. Fenced enclosures for animals and electricity connections are also part of the plans.



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