Because a city with no sounds would be just a picture, Source: Depositphotos

Antwerp asks residents to submit ideas for the sound that defines the city

Antwerp asks residents to submit ideas for the sound that defines the city

The collected ideas will then be used to create a symphony

The local authorities of Antwerp are interested in finding out the sound that best symbolizes their city. This time, it’s not about noise pollution. In fact, the city is asking residents to submit their ideas about the most iconic sounds and noises of the urban environment.

Apparently, the aim of this creative initiative is to gather as many ideas as possible and to use the collected data to compose an actual symphony from the noises of the city. A symphony that represents the aural identity of Antwerp.

For this purpose, the authorities have invited residents to fill an online form (only available in Dutch) and to submit before 19 October.

This can vary from dribbling on a basketball court, the church bells, the Velofietskar or water fun in the Spoor Noord Park. The entries will be used for a symphony that forms the musical identity of the city of Antwerp,” says the intro text in the form.

It seems like there are no wrong answers, as long as it would be ambient sounds produced in the Belgian city.

This time noise is a good thing

Despite the interesting idea, Antwerp residents have been known to complain about the nightlife sounds in the past. This led to the installation of noise-measuring sensors on the roofs of buildings. When the permissible noise limit is exceeded, this automatically leads to the displaying of messages on public screens, asking the crowds to keep it down.



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