Trained paramedics operating the equipment on the ambulance, Source: UZ Brussels on Facebook

AR ambulance in Brussels allows doctors to 'see' through the eyes of paramedics

AR ambulance in Brussels allows doctors to 'see' through the eyes of paramedics

The camera and goggles system helps patients to receive emergency specialised care, while they are still en route to the hospital

Today, the University Hospital in Brussels (UZ Brussels) launched a new ambulance equipped with fast internet and artificial intelligence (AR) headsets with cameras and microphones, which can allow doctors to intervene in emergency situations from a distance. The ambulance was developed by the hospital in collaboration with Proximus – a local telecom operator.

According to an official statement, the vehicle can be used for patients from '300 grams to 300 kilograms' with a variety of conditions, ranging from the need for paediatric care to neurosurgery. Additionally, authorities say that the ambulance will mainly be used to transport people between UZ Brussels and cities like Liege and Roeselare - transporting emergency patients to the specialists they need.

The most exciting feature about the ambulance is the fact that it will have a 5G connection and allow doctors to monitor the situation in the vehicle in real-time. Moreover, specialists would be able to ‘see’ through the eyes of paramedics and guide them in medical care, especially during extreme and time-sensitive circumstances.

Online connections and AR headsets

In particular, the new ambulance will have equipment to deal with neonatology, cardiology, neurosurgery, paediatric intensive care and more. The interior will have space for seven seats on top of a stretcher, meaning that it can accommodate a large team.

Inside, the ambulance is made to look like an intensive care unit or a small operating theatre. This environment is intentional, according to Ives Hubloue Professor of Emergency Medicine and head of the Emergency Department at UZ Brussel – because researchers were aiming to replace the feel and quality of emergency rooms on wheels. To operate them, the emergency teams that will operate the new vehicle have undergone a four-month of theoretical and practical training.



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