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Athens begins largest sidewalk restoration project since 2004 Olympics

Athens begins largest sidewalk restoration project since 2004 Olympics

The project is one of many that will improve the squares and pavements in the city

On 17 January, the Greek capital revealed that it has launched yet another project to improve its streets and make its citizens feel safer. With a budget of EUR 24 million, the City of Athens will begin the largest sidewalk restoration project since the Olympic Games in 2004

With this huge intervention, the municipality wants to upgrade and transform its pavements to improve the quality of life in the city and make it easier for pedestrians to move around. As such, it envisions that by the summer of 2023, it will have a total of 410 new and modern sidewalks. 

Environmentally friendly materials

According to a press release, the renovation project seeks to not only improve the safety in the capital but also address the climate crisis. Taking this further, the city reports that each new sidewalk will be made of environmentally friendly materials that will help keep the surrounding areas cool during the warm days. 

More specifically, it will use cold materials such as marble, cement slabs and concrete with tiles to reduce the “urban heat island” effect whereby urban areas experience higher temperatures than surrounding rural zones. 

“Athens, day by day, acquires the sidewalks of a modern metropolis: a city that respects its inhabitants and visitors, offerings safety and comfort in their movement, but also a city that respects the environment with actions. The Municipality of Athens will continue to work in the direction of sustainability and resilience, guided by the best quality of life for all,” shared Mayor of Athens Kostas Bakoyannis

The restoration project is one of many that aim to upgrade the sidewalks and squares of the city. Taking a case in point, Athens installed 830 smart sensors to prevent illegal parking that hinders the mobility of pedestrians last week.

With the launch of every such project, the Greek capital comes closer to becoming a safer and more accessible metropolis.



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