One of the four pollution reduction filters in Omonia Square, Source: The Politis Group

Athens installs innovative filters that reduce pollution

Athens installs innovative filters that reduce pollution

The four filters are equivalent to planting 30 trees

In 2019, the Municipality of Athens launched "Adopt Your City": a programme urging residents and companies to improve the quality of life in the capital. Now, the advertising company Politis Group reported that it has taken part in this programme by installing innovative pollution reduction systems on poles in Omonia Square.

Cleaning the air in the Greek capital

To mark World Environment Day (5 June), the Politis Group installed 4 "Pamares" filters in the city on 2 June. These filters have the ability to improve air quality as they reportedly absorb up to 3 grams of microparticles per day.

According to the Politis Group, trees with a diameter of 300-450 mm absorb approximately 140 grams of microparticles per year (0.4 grams per day). This means that one "Pamares" filter corresponds to 7.5 mature trees. Taking this into account, installing 4 filters is therefore seen as the equivalent of planting 30 trees in the square.

It must be noted that the filters are not harmful to neither humans nor animals. What is more, they will not disturb life in the square as their operation is almost completely silent. More specifically, the maximum sound intensity of the filters will be 30 db.

The air in Omonia Square is particularly polluted

The location of the filters has been chosen based on findings that reveal a high concentration of microparticles in the area. In a press release, the Politis Group explained that the air in Omonia Square is highly polluted due to the continuous flow of vehicles. Moreover, there are multiple tall buildings that create an urban canyon, thereby trapping and recirculating polluted air.

With this initiative, the Politis Group improves the daily lives of citizens by investing in smart technology that lowers emissions, cleans the air, and benefits the public health.

A video of the Politis Group installing the filters (Youtube: Politis OOH Media)



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