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Athens is helping homeless people secure jobs

Athens is helping homeless people secure jobs

It has launched an intensive training programme to help individuals develop professional skills

On multiple occasions, Athens has proven its commitment to eradicating homelessness and helping vulnerable individuals. Taking a case in point, the Greek capital opened a multipurpose homeless centre in April 2020. This establishment was built to house up to 400 people and provide them with food, shelter, showers, washing machines, internet, etc.

Earlier this year, the municipality further adopted the “Homeless Bill of Rights” to ensure that the fundamental rights of all are recognised and considered. On 1 June, the capital announced that it is taking one more step to help eradicate homelessness. That is, it has begun to train and teach 10 guests of the Multipurpose Homeless Centre so that they can enter the labour market. Entering the labour market, the capital notes, is the final step out of homelessness.

An intensive training programme

10 people will undergo intensive training to develop the skills they will need in order to secure jobs. Through this programme, it is hoped that the confidence of individuals will increase so that they can find the strength and motivation they need to enter the labour market.

Specialised consultants will reportedly assess the needs and preferences of the 10 participants so that they can work alongside social workers to tailor a programme that suits them best. In the last stage of the training process, the individuals will learn how to create a CV and undergo interview simulations so that they can be fully prepared for the stages of the employment process.

The “Social Accelerator HoMellon” initiative is the result of a collaboration between Social Enterprise knowl and the Reception and Solidarity Centre of the Municipality of Athens (K.Y.D.A). It must be noted that among the employees of K.Y.D.A, there are individuals who have at one point found themselves homeless.

With this programme, the Greek capital will ensure that homeless people receive the help and support they need to secure a job and subsequently, find a home of their own.    



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